Best Diet for High Blood Pressure

The best diet for high blood pressure is a diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy foods as well as moderate amounts of fish, whole grains, poultry and nuts. Here are some examples of the types of food that you should eat if you have hypertension.

Low-salt diet

A diet low in sodium is also considered part of the best diet for high blood pressure. A daily sodium intake of up to 1500 mg a day is already considered a healthy diet and is essential for those aged 51 years and older or those with hypertension, diabetes or a chronic kidney disease. You can also ask for doctor’s recommendations to know the sodium limit in your diet for your age.

Whole grain

6 to 8 servings a day of grains can be considered to be part of the best diet for high blood pressure. One serving of grains can include one slice of while wheat bread, half cup of cooked cereal, rice or past and 1 ounce of dry cereal.

Whole grains are the best since they have a lot of fiber and nutrients compared with refined grains. Brown rice is better than white rice while you can prefer a whole pasta bread than regular pasta as well as whole grain bread than white bread. Grains are considered naturally low in fat.


Four to five servings a day of vegetables that include sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables provide use with the right amount of fiber, vitamins as as well essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium to lower blood pressure. One serving can include one cup of raw green leafy vegetable or one half cup of raw or cooked vegetables. Four to five servings a day of fruits except for avocados and coconuts can be considered a healthy meal helpful to lower blood pressure.


Two to three servings a day of cheese, milk, yogurt and other dairy products can give us the right amount of protein, calcium and vitamin D without increasing our blood pressure.

Just make sure you are consuming dairy products that are low fat or fat free and those which are saturated. One serving of a healthy dairy product can include 1 cup skim or 1 percent mul, 1 cup of yogurt or 1.5 ounces of cheese.