5 Things You Can Do Today to Lower Your Blood Pressure

5 Things You Can Do Today to Lower Your Blood Pressure

There are many ways to lower high blood pressure. You can purchase over-the-counter drugs, such as garlic pills, Valerian root tablets, and Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10), that have been proven to lower blood pressure significantly with no known side effects. However, the cheapest, most sustainable (and probably the best) way to lower blood pressure is to change your lifestyle for the better. A healthy lifestyle will have a positive impact not only on your blood pressure but, most importantly, your overall health.

Here are five things that you can start doing today to lower your blood pressure and improve your general well being.

Avoid coffee

Coffee must be avoided especially by those with Stage 1 hypertension since coffee complicates the problem even further. An increase in fiber intake can cleanse your system while helping you control your blood pressure.

Avoid salt

Avoiding table salt is also one way on how to lower high blood pressure. Sodium in salt has the capability to accumulate fluids which in turn mixes with the blood, resulting in blood with more fluid volume. Your heart will pump harder when your blood has a large volume of fluid in it, eventually raising your blood pressure.

Quit smoking

A habit one must stop to reliably lower high blood pressure is smoking. Stimulants in cigarette smoke tend to elevate your blood pressure.

Lose weight

Being overweight makes your heart work harder all the time, eventually increasing your blood pressure. You can easily get tired and have difficulties in breathing when your heart beats harder and faster.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Avoiding drugs and alcohol is also another effective way to lower high blood pressure. People who are always under stress have the tendency to suffer increase blood pressure and are advised to relax most of the time.

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