High Blood Pressure Treatment

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, reduced sodium intake, aerobic exercises, acupuncture and herbs are some effective high blood pressure treatments.

A significant and effective high blood pressure treatment is strictly adhering to a healthy diet. A healthy diet can both lower the risk of having high blood pressure and decreasing an existing elevated blood pressure.

DASH approach

There are a lot of eating plans for lowering high blood pressure and considered a very reliable high blood pressure treatment. One eating plan is known as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or simply DASH which requires person suffering from high blood pressure to eat foods such as fish, poultry, grains, nuts, red meat, sugared beverages and sweets.

Less sodium

High blood pressure treatment also involves reducing sodium intake which is also practiced in the DASH diet. Sodium should be limited to 2400 mg per day, enabling the reduction of the high blood pressure just within two weeks.

More potassium and calcium

Potassium rich foods such as bananas, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, and mangoes to name a few can provide a large reduction in systolic blood pressure as well as of diastolic blood pressure. Potassium which is a mineral salt has the tendency to flush out or eliminate sodium that accumulates in the kidneys.

Calcium can reduce systolic blood pressure while magnesium can significantly reduce diastolic blood pressure.

Relaxation and stress-reduction

Mini-body interventions such as yoga, autogenic training and biofeedback can also serve as high blood pressure treatment and has been considered to reduce high blood pressure better than placebo.

Autogenic training can provide relaxation and reduction of stress which is one reason why blood pressure increases. People are taught to control breathing, heart rate, blood pressure as well as body temperature in autogenic training. Biofeedback also treats chronic pain, tension headache, migraine and urinary incontinence.


An aerobic exercise is one of the most natural approach in high blood pressure treatment. Aerobic exercise provides a mean reduction in systolic blood pressure of 4.6 mm Hg while providing corresponding reductions in diastolic blood pressure. However, new exercise programs must first be referred or consulted to your doctor before starting with any kind of exercise even with warm-up exercises.

Alternative treatment

A combination of acupuncture and herbs is considered traditional Chinese medicine for the cure of high blood pressure or abnormal circulation of vital energy in the body caused by depression, obesity, anger and high intake of fatty foods.

Foods forming part of traditional Chinese medicine and which may cure high blood pressure include honey, Chinese celery, hawthorn berries, mug beans, water chestnut, turnip. However, there are also some Chinese foods to avoid such as licorice, Asian ginseng, rosemary essential oil and ephedra.

Here’s an interesting discovery of a new treatment from rotten eggs that can lower blood pressure.

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