How to Lower High Blood Pressure

There are many ways on how to lower high blood pressure and most of these tips are easy to follow and incorporate into your daily routine. Some may require a lifestyle change but these can be considered just simple reminders to go slow on some things and habits you usually do in excess, and foods you eat too much. There are also over the counter drugs for treating hypertension such as garlic pills and Valerian root tablets while coenzymeQ10.COQ10 has been shown to lower blood pressure significantly with no known side effects.


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious medical condition in which blood pressure in the arteries reaches an elevated level since the heart is made to work more than its normal phase to circulate blood through the system. Normal blood pressure is said to be 120/80 and below. A person with a blood pressure of 140/90 is considered hypertensive.

Symptoms of hypertension

Hypertension rarely has symptoms such that it is important to seek for medical device even when symptoms such as headaches particularly at the back of the head, lightheadedness, and altered vision occur. However, these symptoms are more likely caused by anxiety. An ophthalmoscopy can give some indications on how long has a person been hypertensive. Persistent high blood pressure is the most accurate indication that you are hypertensive.

How to prevent high blood pressure

The easiest and probably the most important reminder on how to lower high blood pressure is to observe a moderate and lean diet while avoiding stimulants.

Avoid coffee

Coffee must be avoided especially by those with Stage 1 hypertension since coffee complicates the problem even further. An increase in fiber intake can cleanse your system while helping you control your blood pressure.

Avoid salt

Avoiding table salt is also one way on how to lower high blood pressure. Sodium in salt has the capability to accumulate fluids which in turn mixes with the blood, resulting in blood with more fluid volume. Your heart will pump harder when your blood has a large volume of fluid in it, eventually raising your blood pressure.

Quit smoking

A habit one must stop to reliably lower high blood pressure is smoking. Stimulants in cigarette smoke tend to elevate your blood pressure.

Lose weight

Being overweight makes your heart work harder all the time, eventually increasing your blood pressure. You can easily get tired and have difficulties in breathing when your heart beats harder and faster.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Avoiding drugs and alcohol is also another effective way to lower high blood pressure. People who are always under stress have the tendency to suffer increase blood pressure and are advised to relax most of the time.

Hypertensive people always are a looking for natural treatment for hypertension. Read more on how to prevent high blood pressure.

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